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Acqua Ignea - Araretama.png

Aqua Ignea is a live cosmetics line created by Ararêtama.

It is a three-phase product composed of body oil, refreshing gel and vibrational essences from the Atlantic Forest, which in addition to hydrating, protecting and nourishing our skin, provides a sensory experience for emotional balance. The skin is the largest organ in the body, through which Aqua Ignea transmits positive emotional information, generating neurochemical results, bringing the connection between the physical body and the quantum mind.

There are eight unique combinations that balance our chakras during everyday life and one color can be used each day.

  1. Aqua Ignea Vitality and Creativity (Red)

  2. Aqua Ignea Pleasure and Sensuality (Orange)

  3. Aqua Ignea Nourishment and Abundance (Yellow)

  4. Aqua Ignea Love and Relationships (Pink)

  5. Aqua Ignea Balance and Achievements (Green)

  6. Aqua Ignea Harmonia (Blue)

  7. Aqua Ignea Protection (Violet)

  8. Aqua Ignea Transformation (White)


The oils are scented with Orange, White Rose, Cypress, Lavender, Geranium and others. Flower essences are part of the Ararêtama System.


Aqua Ignea can be used by people of any age. There are no contraindications.

Its formula was made considering the proportions of each element in order to be fully compatible with the skin.


How to use: emulsify, mentally affirming each igneous water, then apply it on the body, wherever you feel like it! 

Do not ingest!

Warning: "In case of irritation, discontinue use and seek medical advice".

Check out in the video below, the explanation about the Aqua Ígena by the researcher and creator of the essences of Ararêtama, Sandra Epstein.

Acqua Ignea - Araretama.png

How to use: emulsify, mentally affirming each fiery water, then apply it on the body, wherever you feel like it! 

Do not ingest!

All can be used on the chest, abdomen and lower back.


  • Red

Body Part: Neck, chest, lower back and feet


  • Orange

Body Part: Groin


  • Yellow

Body Part: Solar plexus, lumbar and hara

  • pink

Body part: chest

  • Green

Body Part: Neck, thymus, hara and knees


  • Blue

Body Part: Temples, neck and hara


  • Violet

Body Part: Forehead, back of neck, solar plexus and hara


  • White

Body Part: Back of neck, neck, chest, solar plexus, abdomen, lower back, base of spinal cord, knees and feet

  • What is a living cosmetic?
    Answer - It is composed exclusively with floral and vibrational essences from Ararêtama.
  • What is a three-phase product?
    Answer: A three-phase product is composed of 3 layers, where they are visibly separated. In the Igneous Aqua: 1) The first is the watery one with the floral essences of the Atlantic Forest, 2) The second is oily containing 100% vegetable oils 3) And the third and last one is composed of a conditioning gel.
  • Where is the Solar Plexus and Hara?
    Answer: With the navel as the center, the Solar Plexus chakra is just above the navel (around three fingers) and Hara is just below the navel (around three fingers).
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