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Graduated in Art-Education from Faap SP and Puc RJ, Sandra began her research on the benefits of the vibrational energy of the Atlantic Forest in the region of Ubatuba in 1990, where she developed the System of Floral and Vibrational Essences of the Atlantic RainForest called ARARÊTAMA, work carried out in one of the greatest biodiversity on the planet.
Ararêtama is a Tupi-Guarani word, which means “place where light originates”.
“As a pillar of the system is the structure of this forest: its natural wealth, the way it lives, survives and expands its species makes the Atlantic Forest express a biological message for all humanity.  Through its biodiversity and respect for botanical differences, it builds a carpet of life, where one plant praises the other, without destructive competition. Ancestral trees, bromeliads, orchids, mushrooms and lianas are rich interfaces for the healthy
development of human beings.”

Linked to the Biomimicry Institute (The American Biomimicry Institute enables people to create solutions inspired by nature for a healthy planet), Sandra participates in a group of therapists and researchers from different countries around the world who develop
knowledge, dynamics and multidisciplinary studies, where nature it is seen as a sacred learning tool for the evolution of the human being.
Sandra created the Therapeutic System called EMOTIONAL FITNESS, which encompasses behavioral and emotional exercises as a gym for the emotional!

Emotional Fitness works on brain neuroplasticity by integrating the 3 vital centers of the human being; the instinctive, the sentimental and the intellectual, rebalancing and aligning these basic vibrational circuits in a way that allows new perceptions, experiences and a
total approximation of the original essence of each being.
The Workshops presented by Sandra Epstein establish a bridge between the special moment we live on the planet with the anthropological knowledge that human beings have produced for centuries. The key point to be worked on, in these accelerated times of
communication and technological development, is the historical and social responsibility that our current generation has in keeping this knowledge alive on the planet for future generations, enabling the creation of a new planetary culture.


Sandra teaches Ararêtama courses presenting and applying this ecosystem across several European countries and Japan, also working with entrepreneurs all over the world through special programs created for leadership in the 21st century, such as the renowned Global
Institute for Extraordinary Women -


Sandra is committed to considering that each individual emanates, and builds, from a unique inner design that manifests itself through their gifts, passions and life purpose.

​Sandra offers Coaching for individuals and enterprises, educational programs and workshops, helping people find synergy between their Talents, Passion and Direction in life by integrating 3 personal ecologies – self-development, excellence in relationships and a positive impact the world – each individual taking responsibility for their own process.

I see the full range of living experience, starting from birth, as a process of creative interaction with cultural and genetic patterns and inherent conditioning. And I believe that, throughout our lives, education needs to be transdimensional, providing experimentation, social interaction, empathic action. It needs to offer enticing and creative conversation, that allows for reflection and initiative, leading to friendly, dynamic exchange, and flexible action. This integrative approach allows individuals to participate in life, trusting that it is a truly Sacred process.


Experiencing our innermost design, gifts, passion and life purpose leads to evolved action. When education encourages us to experience our innermost design, passion, gifts and life purpose, we also find we can integrate our own unique design with other people’s innermost design, act in cooperation, and offer our gifts to this world is more complex and precise ways.

It is time to move beyond educational approaches that fragment individuals. We can bring forth education that leads to an integrated process of embodying life, and we are the ones who can choose to generate these new principles, applying them to the foundations of family and institutions.


Threading a non-conventional path for those times, in 1989, I began my research work in Brazil, where I was born. Following the calling of the Atlantic Rainforest, I entered a long process of observation. Over time, I perceived and understood the Atlantic Rainforest’s biological wisdom, reflected in the micro and macro ways that interweave its numerous species into a unique tapestry of wealthy biodiversity.

Study of the Rainforest led to the Creation of an Original Educational and Healing System of Essences prepared in the heart of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. These essences are carriers of exemplary virtues of adaptation & cooperation masterfully embodied by the Atlantic Rainforest.

Essences are prepared from trees and vigorous vines, from lichens and bromeliads, without cutting out plants, always capturing their qualities within their original environment of full interconnection to the earth and/or surrounding life.

Through these Essences and Educational Programs, rainforest’s templates of social intelligence are offered worldwide, meeting great needs and challenges of our present time, supporting our evolution towards a quantum planetary leap.
The focus has been to keep the system small in several essences produced, while deep in its educational purpose.

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Photographs of the Atlantic Rainforest Harmonizing Environments - Nature inspiring and awakening our best Virtues


Nature Inspiring and Awakening our best Virtues

Through the photography media, my Watercolor Artist eye, that perceives life through the interplay of layers of light and colour, takes the plunge into the “inner universe” of Nature. Much is revealed to me through the lenses, the camera serving as an interface to access a unique oracle perspective.

These macro images of Nature are being used to bring harmony and energy to work and living spaces, emanating qualities coming from the depths and the delicacy of the Rainforest.


Being a Photographer and Watercolor Artist has refined my perception as a Coach, Consultant and healing facilitator!

The way I look at individuals, perceiving the many layers, nuances and facets of the who they are, confirms to me that, in the same way as the many layers of light and colour define an image, the many dimensions of an individual make up the physiology of their behaviour: we truly are multilayered beings!


Enter in  contact  with us to see the catalogue.

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How Watercolor Painting Has Expanded My Perception

My artistic eye is one of a Watercolor Artist that perceives life through the interplay of layers of light and colour. When painting, trees, rivers, creeks and waterfalls are my main theme, nature is seen in a choreographic dimension.

My experience as a watercolour artist has influenced my work as a Coach and Consultant. Similarly, as the many layers of light and colour end up configuring an image, the many dimensions of an individual make up their behaviour's physiology: my experience has shown me that we truly are multilayered beings!

The way I look at people, perceive the layers and many nuances and facets of who they are, as a watercolor artist, has influenced my perception as a coach, consultant and healing facilitator.


When viewing the images, you will see a number of samples from my artistic activities, where the perception of multiple layers is expressed through color and transparency. I also expanded this perception through the art of macro photography, where so much is revealed, it is as if I entered the "inner universe" of nature.


The wisdom of the Atlantic Forest is also offered through visual media!

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