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Ararêtama System training courses

Ararêtama courses and workshops are based on the wisdom of the Atlantic Forest and taught by Sandra Epstein, in Brazil they take place in several cities, including: São Paulo, Rio Claro, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Blumenau and other countries in Europe. There are several courses for different audience profiles.


Each group is unique: personalized and creative approach

Intensive or in courses - adaptable calendar

Benefits: opens the field for the integration of the 3 vital centers: sentimental, instinctive and intellectual

Results: self-knowledge, socialization, healthy response to life

Focus: through group experiences, create a strong egrégora, where individual growth enriches the group as a whole.


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Access our site  and learn about the program of each course and workshop.

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Basic Course - Module 1

This module of the basic course Ararêtama is intended for integrative therapists, professionals in the field of education and health and individuals in search of self-knowledge.


Basic module for training facilitators of the Ararêtama system.

This course includes:

  • Presentation of the 35 fundamental matrices of the research, which gave rise to the Ararêtama system.

  • Presentation of Aqua Ígnea cosmetic

  • Family Use: Soul and Cooking Spices Kit

Basic Course - Module 2
The Physiology of Behavior 

This training is essential for those professionals who want to become facilitators of the Ararêtama System - Essências da Mata Atlântica.

This course includes:

  • We go through the 7 vital fields, whose expression originates the behavior

  • Presentation of the Subtle Bodies, their laws and interactions

  • Understanding our actions and reactions

  • Presentation of the 7 chakras and the related composite essences

  • An unprecedented approach to chakras for the millennium

Basic Course - Module 3 Ararêtama and the 3 Ecologies (Sage Course)

It is a practical and reflective workshop and provides the deepening and knowledge of the researched essences reflected in the personal, relational and planetary process, taking care of oneself, taking care of the other and taking care of the community.


This is a course designed to work on the Feminine that lives in each of us, men and women. For a long time, the Masculine has been emphasized in both men and women and the communion of these two attributes within us is capable of transforming us into more creative, mature and certainly happier people. It is a matter of integration, as our intimate Feminine and Masculine aspects cannot live apart.

This course includes:

  • This module concludes the basic training steps of the Ararêtama System.

  • We will work on the conception of the 3 ecologies and their functions in the formation of the human being.

therapeutic groups 
(in person only)

The 4 Shamanic Archetypes 

The Four Directions, the Four Seasons, The Four Sacred Archetypes, based on anthropological studies of various cultures that have spent centuries and centuries honoring these principles.


Ararêtama is committed to bringing these pillars to the journey of consciousness.

It teaches how to understand them in everyday life, how to recognize them in attitudes, emotional reactions, integrating the shadow of each archetype in the development of the various intelligences.

The Goddesses of Creation

The course entitled “The Goddesses of Creation” is part of the programs that Ararêtama produces and is committed to anthropological content from different cultures – in this case, the ancestral Indian tantric culture.


Much is said about Tantra and little is worked on sacred marriage: self-knowledge, the facets of creation within each of us.


The Workshop makes a bridge between the special moment we live on the planet, with the anthropological knowledge that human beings have produced for centuries.

The 13 Matriarchs – The Fraternity

This course is an invitation to reflect and transform behavior as a portal to the new planetary cycle. The objective of this work is to remind women of their inherent principles.

It is a work of perception and sensitization between the masculine and the feminine and how women have always been holders of the strength of union and preservation of the principles of the community.


We will study the 13 ethical attitudes, as an auxiliary map in the journey of growth.

We will experience the transformation between generations that carry sacrifice, pain and guilt, for the creation of the new planetary cycle of freedom with responsibility. We will work with 13 ethical values and their central themes.

Life Cycles

We are pleased to offer this seminar on the Ararêtama System, which explores the different cycles and their challenges, as well as the polarities that surround them.


Based on the work of Carlos Castaneda, we explore the 4 portals of existence:

1 - Fear

2 - Clarity

3 - Power

4 - Maturity


During these times of many changes, movements within the Earth, different environmental temperatures, economics, politics, relationships. There is a need to pay attention to the following topics:

– in the stability within us;

– in our ability to be flexible;

– in the development of empathy with the people around us;

– in the constant exercise of accepting who we are without limiting ourselves to our comfort zone.

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