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Ararêtama Essences
Atlantic Forest vibrations

Ararêtama Essências Naturais is a Brazilian company that operates,

since 1990, nationally and internationally in Europe, America and Asia.


Ararêtama is a therapeutic and educational platform inspired by the

Atlantic forest. It is formed by:

  • System of 35 Flower and Vibrational Essences

  • Compound formulas originating Personal development programs

  • Line of therapeutic products with florals in the formula;

  • Courses and Methodologies for Emotional Fitness - Mandala Ararêtama

  • 21st Century Leadership Programs

Foto Araretama.jpg

The Ararêtama Flower Essence System was created by Sandra Epstein, from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, which has one of the greatest biodiversity on the planet and works with a wide range of emotional symptoms through 35 floral and vibrational matrix essences.


Ararêtama promotes courses and workshops in several cities in Brazil, Europe and Asia, focused on the Personal Development Journey and on training therapists to use the system.

The lecturer, Sandra Epstein, is based on the three vital spheres: self-knowledge, quality of relationships and social work.

Ararêtama therapeutic products work on emotional balance through the body. They are cosmetics that contain Flower Essences in their composition, such as the Aqua Ignea lines (moisturizing gel with essential and vegetable oil) and E-gel (regenerating gel for the whole body), Uash (liquid soap) and products for the environment, like the Aura Leve line.

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