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The Vibrational Essences

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach in England published the first studies on flower essences and showed the world that each flower has unique vibrational qualities that, through a simple process, can be recorded as information in water molecules, as can be transmitted to our emotional body. These essences are powerful aids to our emotional development.


In a chemical analysis, the floral and vibrational essence is simply water preserved in alcohol. It does not contain any substance from the plant from which it is made, but it contains its energetic information, its life force.


When we take it in drops or use a spray with the essences or in cosmetics, they act on our body at levels beyond the physical. Its energetic frequency vibrates and interacts with the frequencies of our body, restoring the balance of our emotions.


The Ararêtama Vibrational System of Essences brings the special qualities of flowers, lichens, vines and other elements of the Atlantic Forest.


Essences can be used symptomatically - to feel better and emotionally balance, from the identification of which essence is suitable for each condition.


They can also be used through Emotional Fitness and Mandala Ararêtama – an emotional gym, which leads to a progressive immersion in the behavioral universe of each person and complements each Essence with a series of self-development exercises. Through this process, we reach the core of each topic to be improved.

Fumaça azul grossa

One of the greatest biodiversity on the planet and works with a wide range of emotional symptoms




The composite essences are derived from the matrix essences of the Essential Ararêtama

Lago calmo

Discover the special kits and bring the forest into your life!

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