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The Atlantic Forest and the origins of Ararêtama 

The Mandala Ararêtama experience exists due to the vibrational essences of the Atlantic Forest. This Brazilian forest, which has been reduced to less than 10% of the area once occupied a few centuries ago, is one of to biggest biodiversity on the planet.


What makes life so abundant and multiple in the forest?

How can countless beings of varied types and different needs live in balance, sharing resources such as space, water, sun and nutritions?

Image by kazuend

The answer lies in the fact that it is not competition rules that prevail, but cooperation rules. From scarcity and diversity, abundance and balance are generated. The keywords are cooperation, self-organization, interdependence, resilience, freedom, originality, creativity and respect born from the socio-biological behavior of this nature.

Plants and animals interact in a fusion, using only what they need resources, playing specific roles that are interconnected so that the result is the balance of the whole. A balance that is not static, but in motion, as flexibility is a virtue of nature, responding to the fact that transition is innate to life.


How to thrive on diversity rather than fighting it?

How to generate development without threatening the life and well-being of all species?

How to create abundance where there is a feeling of scarcity?

How to build resilience and face change positively?


At this moment in history when the pillars of the current model of society are being deeply questioned, this forest is a legacy of wisdom. Solutions to the great challenges we face are revealed in the simple observation of the models offered by nature.

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