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Personal Coaching

Individual coaching sessions

Transformation processes to vitalize and redesign your life


  • Convenience: in person or sessions using Skype - 60 minutes

  • Extra Bonus: Custom selection of Ararêtama essences paired with each step of the process

  • Outcomes: Known process to effectively improve the individual's life personally and professionally


Schedule your first session today, use the form below.

for Organizations

  • Individual and Group Consulting

  • Building creative collaboration


Personalized approach: your company is seen as unique

Detailed interviews: through evaluation

Individual Work: Training key individuals

Group work: embracing the biodiversity of each team

Healthy productivity: following the integration of the three levels of Ecology (personal, collective and planetary)


Programs for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Corporations


Focus: The 21st century company


Our awareness raising programs believe that all individuals are responsible​​ for creating the right atmosphere in the company.

Our approach allows, in each individual, the ability to know how they can influence and positively contribute to the overall health of the environment.

The Integration of the three levels, based on the wisdom of the Atlantic Forest


The following core levels are based on the principles of biological behavior of the Atlantic Forest, our living example and wise teacher of successful cooperation through diversity!


These are the three levels - Ecology:



Achieve inner balance

Creation inner ecology



Improve communication, sharing, empathy

modernizing and improving relationships: respecting and learning from our differences



serve with excellence

making this a better planet

serve our community with ethical integrity, respect, unity


How we started:

An interview with the directors aimed at integrating their vision with the spirit of the company is how we started. From there, we will build programs that include essences from the Atlantic Forest and other practices, a procedure called - the weekly Pillars.


Find out more at , contact us on the side, using the form below or by email.

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