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Mandala Ararêtama  

Mandala Ararêtama is a personal development process that works on important aspects of your life, such as purposes, potentials, talents, creativity, relationships and vital energy.

It is based on the use of Ararêtama Vibrational Essences.


Deciding to make the Mandala is choosing to go through the changes that will help you to unravel the flows of your life, having the vibrational essences of the Atlantic Forest as your allies and guides.

Like a lush forest, the Ararêtama Mandala is a strong and solid structure that houses a variety of frequencies and unique aspects, forming a vibrant and transformative ecosystem within this vibrational biome.

In harmony with the ever-evolving nature, the Ararêtama System flourishes, creating deeper roots and reinventing itself to touch our emotions, propelling us to evolve and embrace new paradigms.

Ararêtama Mandala 2024

We are pleased to announce Ararêtama Mandala 2024, a magnificent expansion since its origin in 2019. This new version incorporates unique essences that Mother Nature has carefully chosen to provide balance and transformation, adding to the previous essences. These new essences have been specifically selected to align with the planetary moments we have witnessed from 2019 to 2023.

Mandala Ararêtama Módulo I - ATUALIZADA (2024).png

Download and print on A4 paper.

Emotional Fitness

In a gym we do a variety of exercises so that all the muscle chains in our body are worked. Mandala is like a gym, but for the emotions.

Through the 8 Levels, using flower and vibrational essences, you work your emotional psychic body, accessing all aspects. Areas that are dormant will be awakened, everything that is part of who you truly are will be activated and exercised, in the search for balance and integrity of your whole.

Healthy living requires the ability to respond to different external events as well as internal flows of emotions, integrating and balancing experiences on three levels: instinctual, emotional and mental. For this, flexibility and presence are essential.

Being passionate about what I do, curious about life and enthusiastic about human connections, I try to be constantly in motion with my own development.  

I seek to evolve in all areas of the mix method that I created, improving the studies for a better analytical look with the numerological tool without labeling using the passion of my soul, flower essences. As with me, also with those who come to me, I focus on the importance of personal rhythm, respecting the time, the needs of each one for their evolution, to spring from the encounter with you with your tools, your temperament, your unique "way", your personality , clarifying the importance of calmly accepting and loving yourself completely. no guilt, no shame, no fears and a lot of joy in being what you are.

How to make
Emotional Fitness Mandala?

Existem duas formas de fazer a Mandala Fitness Emocional, por meio de um curso presencial ou de um curso online, desenvolvido pela Ararêtama.

O curso presencial pode ser para grupos ou indivíduos, em diversas cidades do Brasil. Contate nos para saber mais.

O Curso básico online Ararêtama, focado na Mandala Fitness Emocional, foi desenvolvido pela Sandra Epstein, desenvolvedora do Sistema Ararêtama. Conta com uma apostila detalhada e vídeos de acompanhamento.

*Para adquirir entre em contato conosco por email:

*Para ser um representante Ararêtama, em nível nacional e internacional entre em contato conosco por email:


*Para obter mais informações sobre workshops, cursos intensivos ou extensivos de formação, vivência na Mata Atlântica em Ubatuba e Cunha ou para conhecer mais sobre a Ararêtama, entre em contato conosco:

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